30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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Features & Benefits
  • Innovative Microfiber Mop Head is gentle on all types of surfaces
  • The Dual Chamber - one side washes your mop and the other dries it  
  • 360 Degree Swivel Action for easy maneuverability
  • Low Profile Design gets under just about anything
  • Dry and Polish at the same time
  • Lightweight & Portable
Perfect For Any Hard Surface!
Ceramic Tile & More

Watch The Magic In Front Of Your Own Eyes
The Secret is… the dual chamber bucket that washes your mop on one side and squeezes dry on the other. Avoid touching dirty cloths and dripping mucky water over your clean floors
Everyone Loves the Autoclean Mop!
“What I like about the Autoclean mop is that it solves all the problems I’ve had with other mops. It’s Easy to use, keeps my hands clean and dry, keeps the floor clean and dry and it’s easy one-two step.”
“This is so easy and the floors are sparkling clean.”
“With this mop I can wash it. I can dry it and I know my floors are clean and dry.”

Dirt and Grime are Gone in No Time!
Great For Under Furniture
Wet Sticky & Messes 
Skirting Boards
Windows & Mirrors 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Full price €59.98 + €9.99 P&P